Skateboard Park

The Skate Park was designed with fun in mind.  This active park features lots of open room to rollerblade or skateboard and improve your skills on ramps, rails, ledges and half pipes.  It was designed to enhance a harmonious and rideable experience and allows skaters to create endless "lines" to ride.

Surrounded by the beauty of area lakes, fountain, trees and trails, you will feel free as you skate to your heart's desire.  There is also an adjacent pavilion for people who just want to watch.

The first skatepark in the world for skateboarders and skaters was made of plywood on a half-acre sand lot in Kelso, Washington, USA in 1966.  Parks have come a long way since then and have recreated the "street scene" terrain of benches, handrails, gutters, streets and ramps that made street skating popular.

Public skateparks come under legislation that states skateboarding is inherently "Hazardous Recreational Activity" (HRA), and therefore municipalities and their employees may not be held liable for claims of negligence resulting in skateboarders' injuries.