“My family and I love living in Durbin Crossing.  We have two small children
and they already have many friends on our street.  The amenity centers are
beautiful and we use them often.  It is very convenient for our work
because I work in Mandarin and my wife works in St. Augustine.  

We couldn't imagine a better neighborhood for us in Jacksonville.  We have been in our
home for two years now, and if we had it to do all over again, we wouldn't
move anywhere else.”

Jud Mallini

“Coming from an area with outstanding schools, it was a given that finding a comparison would be on the top of our list. After hearing from local friends that St. Johns County is where we should look, we did our research only to discover that St. Johns Schools were the best. While researching the schools we discovered the community of Durbin Crossing. Theschools, location and look of the community brought us straight here when we flew in to view the area last May.

We were thoroughly impressed with the location of Durbin within the city, the convenience of the schools  and the atmosphere and feel of the community. The two amenity centers were pleasing to our children as well as all of the activities we discovered that Durbin Crossing offered. We looked at other comparable areas to live but the smaller community feel drew us back to Durbin Crossing. I would highly recommend Durbin Crossing to anyone looking for an active family-oriented community to be a part of.”

Kristy Thurber
“We moved to Durbin Crossing almost 4 years ago and can honestly say it is the best place
to live! My husband and I have 3 daughters, 15, 13 and 8. From the pools, fitness center, basketball courts, tennis courts and all the paved running and biking areas our active family always has something to do. The amenities are well cared for, the staff is exceptional and
Keck does an outstanding job with neighborhood events. I could write paragraphs
about how wonderful Durbin Crossing is . . . . .”
Julie Prangley
“My husband works in St. Augustine and I work in South Jacksonville. We looked at many communities and got it down to Nocatee and Durbin Crossing. We decided to drive through both communities on a Saturday to get a feel for living there. When we drove through
Nocatee it seemed rather vast. The amenity center was crowded but other than that,
the place looked somewhat spread out and quiet.

We went to Durbin Crossing and drove through all the main roads. The community was buzzing with activity. Everywhere we looked people were on bicycles or jogging. Kids
were at the skateboard park, the ballfields were active and both amenity centers were packed.
It was such an easy decision for us to choose Durbin Crossing. It felt intimate and happy
and we knew it would be a better fit for us than Nocatee.

We love our home, our neighbors and the overall feel of Durbin Crossing. We look
forward to many happy years here. ”
Karen Turner

“Durbin is a wonderful neighborhood to raise a family. We have three kids, 13, 8, & 6. They each have multiple friends right on our street to play with and all of our neighbors have become close friends. It’s such a tight knit community with everyone looking out for each other. As an avid sports fan I love the athletic associations in the area and our amenity centers have to be some of the best in the state. It would take something pretty special us for our family to leave Durbin. ”

Chris Patterson, CPA , Patterson CPA Group